Top 10 Best Toilet Lifts

Top 10 Best Toilet Lifts

Times have changed, and humanity is slowly embracing any technology that brings comfort and safety. This has led to the introduction of toilet lifts, a great savior for elderly and physically challenged people. They can now ease themselves independently and with dignity without much struggle.

What Are Toilet Lifts

A toilet lift is used underneath or in place of a regular toilet seat. Most people refer to it as an elevated or raised toilet seat. Toilet lifts provide extra height, so the user isn’t forced to squat so low. These toilet lifts are designed with unique features that help reduce the risk of falls and slips when the user gets on and off the toilet.

This article will review the best toilet lifts you can purchase and make your visits to the washrooms more comfortable and independent.

Best Toilet Lifts


Get value for your money by purchasing the DL1 Deluxe Toilet Lift. This is one of the best and most selling products from Dignity lifts that you should buy without hesitation. With this product, you will not have to worry about falls or getting stuck in the toilet.

DL1 toilet lift also offers unmatchable convenience thanks to its button that lifts you up or gently sets you down on the toilet when pressed. You will fall in love with the look of this product thanks to its sleek look that makes it a perfect addition to your bathroom. Besides, you can easily clean it as compared to other toilet lifts.

Photo of the DL1 Deluxe Toilet Lift

Outstanding Benefits of DL1

Easy to Use /Safety and Convenience

One of the most outstanding benefits of the Deluxe Toilet Lift is its easy use. It lifts you down and up from the toilet quickly and with dignity. This makes it possible for you to stand up independently and continue using the bathroom without anybody’s support. This maintains your privacy and dignity.

The other benefit of the Deluxe toilet lift is that it will lift you at a pace that’s convenient for you. You will still be safe even if your legs become weak on the toilet. Additionally, it will not lift you instantly from the toilet, thus giving your legs room to regain strength.


A good toilet lift should be versatile, and DL1 is not short of that. It is made to work with almost all types of toilets regardless of height. It is ideal for bowl heights of 14 to 18 inches thanks to its adjustable/removable legs.

This toilet lift also boasts a chute design that ensures all the excretion end up in the toilet bowl. Additionally, it is an easy-to-clean lift.

No Constipation

Raised toilet seats may cause constipation, especially for the elderly. Nevertheless, with the Deluxe toilet lift, your body is lowered to a convenient level so you can ease yourself better. This lift not only raises you up but also gives you the freedom to enjoy a low seat. This way, you avoid limb numbness and constipation.

Easy To Install

The other reason you should buy the Deluxe Toilet Lift is that it’s easy to install. It is as easy as removing your current toilet seat and replacing it with the Deluxe lift. Nevertheless, the DL1 is a bit heavy so ensure you can lift 50 pounds. But once it is fixed on the toilet, you can count on its stability and security. Here are the installation instructions.

Features of DL1

  • Sturdy and stable
  • Ideal for all toilet shapes and heights boasts a standard width that makes it a fit for most bathrooms.
  • Sleek and appealing design
  • A rechargeable battery makes it a convenient item in the absence of electricity.
  • It boasts a plug-in capability, so you can choose how to use it.
  • It is ideal for up to a weight of 300 lbs.
  • The feet are adjustable and removable.
  • The lift boasts expandable fasteners that secure it to your toilet
  • Easy-to-follow assembling instructions
  • It comes with a battery charger

Commercial Toilet Lift -CL1

The CL1 model is another product made with physically challenged people in mind to meet their unique needs. This lift enables these people to use the toilet independently. Also, the lifts make it easier for nurses to help with toileting. If you are running a surgery center or rehab location, consider buying the commercial toilet lift -CL1 because it will be easier for your staff to lift and lower the patients in the toilet, thus saving time and preventing injuries. Facilities that have implemented these toilet lifts are registering fewer assistance calls from their clients, making their caregiving work easier.

Photo of the CL1 model

Benefits of the CL-1


Safety is the first reason you should invest in the CL-1 toilet lift. Toileting the residents of your facility can be dangerous. Besides, your residents may feel embarrassed. This is why you should equip your facility’s toilets with the Commercial Toilet Lift. It will help all the involved parties with heavy lifting. Additionally, with these lifts, you reduce compensation claims from your employees.

Durability and usefulness

When you invest in the CL-1 lift, you are guaranteed value for your money. This is because the lift is made to last. Secondly, this lift features large wheels so you can easily transport it to different rooms in your facility. Are you worried about meeting ADA Compliance? The commercial toilet lifts are suitable for 18 inches toilets so you will be safe from the authorities. Also, CL1 lifts boast a wider base; hence they can’t be used in small bathrooms or pass-through small entrances. They are only ideal for professional facilities with wider doorways and small bathrooms.

Convenience and productivity

The CL-1 toilet lift comes in handy for workers with restrictions. If you have employees who can’t manage heavy lifting, this lift will be a great savior for them. This is because they can operate the lifts effortlessly, thus boosting their morale and productivity. Their co-workers won’t harass them anymore because they can deliver equally. You will prevent all these issues at your facility and register productivity.

It Saves Time and Money

A commercial toilet lift is a must-have. It allows many residents to use the toilet quickly and saves the cost of hiring many people to assist them. Toileting assistance is costly, and you’ll be shocked that you can spend close to $ 17 per toileting incident. Nevertheless, with the use of a CL1, you will save both time and money.

Portability and stability

The commercial Toilet lift features a stable, broad base and locking wheel, making it stable. You can lock the front wheels using the foot-operated pedals. Once you have locked the wheels, you can leave the commercial lift attached to the toilet.

If you want to move the lift, unlock the wheels and move them out of the toilet.

Long-lasting battery

When fully charged, one battery of the commercial toilet lift can serve up to 30 patients before it goes down. Remember to plug it into a socket and allow it to charge when not in use. This lift is designed to work hard and is only possible when the battery is adequately charged.

What Are The Cons Of a Commercial Toilet Lift

The CL1 toilet lift is only designed for commercial facilities like nursing homes, hospitals and special care facilities. You can, therefore, not use it in a home. It’s too wide for a standard home bathroom door and only fits in 18” toilets. Additionally, this lift doesn’t provide a height adjustment like the DL1 and BL1 lifts.

 We recommend the Deluxe Toilet Lift for home use.

Other features of commercial toilet lift

  • Padded push handle and arms
  • Wide and stable base
  • Ideal for 18’’ toilet bowls
  • Accommodates a weight
  • Usable with a wired remote
  • Large foot-operated wheel locks
  • Lockable wheels so you can help many people


The other best toilet lift from Dignity lifts is the basic toilet lift BL1. This lift is affordable, sturdy, and safe, so you won’t have to worry about bathroom falls. So why should you purchase the BL1 lifts? Here are its benefits.

Benefits of Basic Toilet Lift

Easy To Use and convenience

The BL1 offers a low and steady lift back to your standing position within 26 seconds. Additionally, the lift features a strong and sturdy base, so you can use it without needing assistance. Also, the BL1 is the safest way to stand up.


This is the best part about the BL1 lifts. They work well with any toilet bowl with a height of between 16’’ to 18’’. The feet of the lift will adjust to the height of your toilet for your convenience. Additionally, the size of this lift makes it fit in standard bathrooms, making it ideal for most homes.

Easy To Plug

Basic toilet lift can be plugged into any plug, whether for a dryer or shaver. You don’t need to pull power from another room using an extension to power your Dignity basic toilet lift. If your toilet doesn’t have good access to electricity, consider buying the Deluxe Toilet Lift since it has a rechargeable battery that can serve you for a month.

Other features of the Basic Toilet Lift

  • Offers 9” of lift
  • Uses a wired remote with ease
  • 300lb capacity
  • Plugs into the wall
  • Sturdy and stable

How To Choose a Good Toilet Lift

There are several factors to consider when choosing a toilet to lift. However, you must fast think about the needs of the user. Do they have weak knees, or are they suffer from a condition that affects their mobility? These factors and many more determine the type of toilet lift the user needs. Before buying a bathroom lift, let’s look at some of the most critical factors.


Toilet lifts increase the height of the toilet by several inches, depending on the model. The perfect height of a toilet lift is determined by the user’s strength, physical height and balance. If they are weak or have problems with balance, they will need a highly raised toilet to lift. Therefore, before choosing a toilet lift, it is wise first to have the user’s details and here is how to do it.

  1. Measure the height between the floor and the back of the person’s knee.
  2. Measure the toilet seats’ height from the floor.
  3.  Subtract the height of the toilet from that of the person’s knee. The difference you get is the correct measurement for the height of the bathroom lift that the user needs.

Weight Capacity

The choice of toilet lift must be able to support the user’s weight safely. Most toilet lifts can weigh between 250 to 500 pounds, but this depends on the model. If more support is needed, go for the commercial toilet lift. Therefore, you must check the weight capacity of the toilet lifts before purchasing.

The Area Around The Toilet

Having enough space around the toilet is essential since most toilet seats extend on the toilets outside parameters. This is more so with toilet lifts that feature arms. Ensure you measure the space around the bathroom and consider it before setting on what to purchase. If the width of the toilet lift didn’t fit in the area around the toilet, the best alternative would be to use a grab bar.


This is another very critical factor to consider when choosing a toilet lift. The easiest to clean lifts are the ones made of plastic, which can be removed when cleaning their bottom or can be cleaned using standard cleaning agents without being damaged. A toilet lift is something you clean often so cleanability is an important factor to consider.


We have discussed the best Dignity toilet lifts that you can buy. They are easy to install, portable, easy to clean and stable. The toilet lifts also boast a sleek design, and you will love them in your bathroom. Stop browsing online for hours in search of toilet lifts and make an informed purchase from Dignity Toilets Lifts.




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